To my dear family, friends and colleagues and those kind enough to spare a few moments to read this, especially my fellow sufferers – welcome!

The idea for this weblog evolved from a need to eliminate the endless emails I was writing to various people about my health, the problems I was having keeping them all synchronised, and the desire to perhaps open these experiences up to a wider audience in the hope that they might prove helpful to people in a similar situation.

It’s not my intention to produce a day-by-day account written in a journal-like fashion. It is designed to be a series of fairly regular entries that will document the changes and the experiences of living with such a devastating neurological condition. I’ll do my best to inject some of my own style of humour and optimism along the way and maybe I’ll even be able to raise a smile on your face.

I had planned to start this up a while ago now but life has been very hectic these past few months since being diagnosed as you can probably well imagine. However, with the first of my self appointed milestones now reached (covered in a separate weblog entry), today seems the ideal time to start.

I’ll apologise in advance for any typographical errors that make it through to publication. As the disease progresses towards my hands I find I often type the wrong characters, transpose characters or simply miss them out altogether. It means I have to be more vigilant when I proof read but inevitably some will slip through the net.

As the name of my webspace implies, I’m determined to fight this disease, not to just give up, because all life is precious. I want to live my life on my own terms as much as possible and not have the disease dictate it to me. I know that’s easy to say and there are no magical formulas for winning against this terrible disease but that still doesn’t mean we should just quietly go home and accept our fate. As a species I think we have this inbuilt desire hardwired into us to try to survive against all odds. So that’s what I intend to do for as long as I can!

Let’s see how it flies.


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