Spring renewal

I love the spring. It’s a time of awakening, of rebirth, to feel invigorated with new life…and hope, everything is fresh and clean, brighter and warmer, a re-emergence of colour.

What does spring mean to you? Here are some of my impressions of springtime from recent walks…and pleasant memories.

Carpets of Bluebells

Cool shaded footpaths and dappled sunlight

The rustle of leaves on trees

The powerful fragrance of Magnolia

The abundant display of golden Forsythia

The bright yellow trumpets of sprays of Daffodils

Mass displays of Crocuses

The multicoloured hues of Tulips

The delicate pink of Cherry Blossom

The long lilac tresses of Chinese Wisteria

The vibrant yellow of dandelions & the silvery grey of delicate seed heads

Fields of rapeseed stretching across a rolling landscape

The sound of birdsong in the trees

The buzzing of a bee

The colourful dancing patterns of tortoiseshell butterflies

The drone of a single prop plane somewhere in the distance

The jingle of an ice cream van and the happy faces of children rushing to meet it

Colourful kites soaring high above in skies of blue

The panting of joggers passing by

Families out on their bikes, the children adorned with brightly coloured helmets

Dogs chasing Frisbees

The glint of sunlight on the silver wings of a glider passing serenely overhead

Cycling down country lanes without a care in the world

The smell of freshly cut grass and the whirring of lawnmowers

Sitting on park benches watching the world go by

Golden evenings

Long shadows

Leisurely walks along bridleways

Hot air balloons gliding gracefully by

White cotton clouds and April showers

Mother Nature waking up…


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