Monday, January 4th 2010

A peaceful night

In complete contrast to yesterday I managed to get a really good night’s rest and didn’t wake up once managing a whole 10 hours rest! Even my back was behaving itself for a change. If only every night was like this. Normally I wake up at least once if not twice during the night so uninterrupted sleep is really appreciated. It didn’t do a lot for my energy levels though. I couldn’t even blow a hair off my computer keyboard, I had so little puff.

Let there be light

Paul, an engineer with Possum called this afternoon to fit some infrared switches to my study so that I would be able to activate ceiling and desk lights while sitting at my desk. They are all controlled from a handy little control unit that is capable of storing up to 16 infrared codes. Being able to control the lighting has made such a difference. I’ve been struggling for some time now to flick the wall switch on. In fact I have to throw my right arm against my left and hold it there whilst bumping against the switch. As for the desk light, well I’ve not been able to use it for a long long time because I cannot reach down and activate the corded switch. So for months I’ve had to endure a bright overhead light which causes reflection on my computer screen when I’m trying to watch a movie. Being able to just have a desk light on which casts only a small pool of light is much more restful on my eyes and more atmospheric. Paul has also captured the infrared codes for basic operation of my small flatscreen TV which I shall be moving into the study shortly.


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One Response to Monday, January 4th 2010

  1. jane c says:

    Hi Mark,

    And a peaceful (I won’t say Happy) new year to you! Been away from the blog for a while, so been doing lots of catching up with you today! Sorry to hear about your weakening legs – I know from experience how fearful it can make you. Not being pessimistic (as you say yourself, you need to be realistic), if you’re at this stage you really need to be looking at your care package very carefully NOW, as Richard found he lost the independent use of his legs in as little as ten days and then needed 24 hour attendance. As you have discovered, getting stable, reliable care for just a few hours is difficult enough, let alone all day. If your care agency only provides day time care, you may need to get your district nurse involved and get a referral to to the Marie Curie nurses for night time care? In any case it’s something that needs to be sorted sooner rather than later, plans can always be delayed but they can seemingly NEVER be accelerated!

    In the meantime, do you have a community alarm pendant, so that if you are really stuck and unable to move, you can summon help – Richard used his, once when he was stuck in his chair and twice when stuck on the loo! They are wonderful people and it gave both him and me peace of mind during that interim stage (before he had 24 hour care) that he could always call for help (to start with he had it round his neck, then it moved to his wrist and finally to the floor as different bits of his body gave up on him!)

    Looking forward to checking back more ofetn for your new more frequent posts.



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