Thursday, January 7th 2010

Snow, and lots of it!

Basingstoke is knee deep in snow – quite literally. We’ve had snow for a couple of days now although today thankfully it has stopped. Nevertheless with the gritting lorries concentrating only on the main roads getting in and out of the housing estates is a challenge at best. Predictably it has brought chaos to my care package. The care agency is struggling with a significantly reduced workforce, and although I’m classed as a high priority for them, getting carers to me is becoming a logistical nightmare made worse by the fact that only two of my team of five main carers are currently available. Ann, bless her, has proved highly reliable and committed to my care and has for the past two days walked the one hour long distance to my house in subzero temperatures. Vanessa has also proved flexible by stepping in to cover the lunchtime calls. And because there is obviously a concern for the safety of the carers as well as clients, meals and times are being shifted around to suit. So for instance I’m currently having my evening meal early in the afternoon and instead of having early and late PM calls I’m just having a short call for a snack and then straight to bed. Unfortunately these end of day calls are being filled by whoever they have available and for the past couple of days it has been with people outside of my care package. Considering the high degree of personal care I have now it is quite uncomfortable dealing with people I hardly know and having to explain every single thing to them. All I can say to all this snow is hurry up and thaw! It might look like a picture postcard outside especially with the beautiful clear blue sky we had this morning and the sun shining down on crisp white trees, but it is playing havoc with my daily routines.


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