Sunday, January 10th 2010

Indoors and in the warm

The big freeze continues with subzero temperatures the norm. Whilst the main roads are clear the situation soon changes once you enter the housing estates. A quick look out of the window reveals a thick blanket of snow across the play area opposite’ whilst the snow covering the surrounding hedgerows resembles soft icing on a cake. It’s also unusual to note so many cars parked in driveways, most of which have not moved for several days. As for me I’m as snug as a bug in a rug sitting comfortably in my study with the nearby radiator pumping out that heat. One of the problems of reduced mobility is poor circulation and people with MND do tend to feel the cold more so I like to keep the central heating on at a comfortable temperature almost continuously. I’ll worry about the size of the gas bill later!

Ann has kindly stepped in to cover the morning calls this weekend and has been spoiling me with some lovely cooked breakfasts which have set me up for the day. Debbie has been covering the remainder of the day’s calls so that I at least have some consistency in my care during the bad weather. I’ve been having some interesting chats with both Ann and Debbie today regarding my care package and how it will need to change in the early months of this year to accommodate my growing needs. It’s a bit too early to go into too much detail here as we also need to run it by my social care manager, but if we get the funding approval it could make life easier for me.


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