Friday, January 15th 2010

Warming up

The snow is starting to thaw at last, temperatures are now up to a quite toasty 0°C or thereabouts, tarmac is starting to make a reappearance and my carers are able to start driving up to the house once again instead of leaving their cars a safe distance and walking the rest of the way. I really wish I had some pictures to post of the snow outside the house but unfortunately my complex looking camera frightens most of my carers off!

New bedroom equipment

I had a delivery from Equipment Services this afternoon whilst Vanessa was feeding me my dinner. They had come to fit a goalpost hoist system in my bedroom. It took about 30 minutes for the two guys to assemble all the pieces. As the name suggests it resembles a goalpost i.e. two uprights and a cross beam that straddles the bed. The hoist mechanism travels along the cross beam which extends out beyond one side of the bed sufficiently so that I can be hoisted out of the bed and lowered onto a glide about chair which is then rolled into the bathroom. At the moment it’s just been set up ready for when we actually need to use it. Marion, my OT, will be coming out to demonstrate it soon. So there we are the first piece of equipment ready for when my legs fail completely is already in place and depressing as it is to think of I am at the same time very grateful that Adult Services responded so quickly.

Some good news

Rachel phoned up this afternoon with the good news that funding has been approved for my new hours. The intention is that we’ll be moving from four short calls each day to 2 blocks of time: a morning/lunchtime session and an afternoon/evening session. Resourcing for this is still being looked at but the plan is to start the new hours at the start of next month. The increased hours will allow more flexibility in what I do and when I do it whilst at the same time making things safer for me. However I am being told that because the package is now quite expensive this will most likely be the last time we can increase it using day care rates. So if I start to have a need for care in the night I will probably have to consider having a live-in carer.

Planning application update

I had a visit from the planning officer today who had called round to take a look at my back garden as part of the process to determine suitability of my planning application. Not sure how much he’d see considering it was ankle deep in snow! This may or may not work to my advantage as the snow was hiding the inspection cover for the drain just off the patio (in what will end up as the wet room)! I suppose beggars can’t be choosers and I should at least be grateful that I have a second site that could potentially be built on but I just cannot work up the same enthusiasm for this second planning application because of all the disadvantages associated with it. I’m still annoyed I was refused planning permission to build on the side of my own house, and even more annoyed when I found out this week that the appeal had not even been started yet because the council had not made all the necessary documentation available until Christmas week. All efforts are now being concentrated on the second application which I’m told they hope to reach a decision on within about three weeks. I guess now they’ll wait and see what the outcome of this one is and then decide on how to appeal.


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