Saturday, January 16th 2010

Temporarily trapped

Not only am I struggling to get up from the bed in the middle of the night, I am now struggling to get back on it! In the early hours of Saturday morning I almost got trapped when I fell back onto the bed awkwardly and ended up almost crossways so that my head was off the pillow and up against the edge of the bed, whilst my feet were dangling over the other edge touching the carpet. With my neck muscles so weak now I was unable to lift my head back onto the pillow, and my legs are so weak these days that I couldn’t lift them high enough to get them back on the bed from that position. To make matters worse my left arm had slipped off my leg and had fallen onto the mattress. Being so paralysed there was no way that I could raise it up again and reposition it. After umpteen attempts at trying to lift my legs and thrashing about madly on the bed in frustration I was on the verge of having to use my panic alarm strapped to my ankle. But with strength born from an act of desperation I was finally able to get my left leg onto the bed followed by my right. With both legs on the bed I was able to work my way into a central position lengthways on the bed. As for my arm I was able after repeated attempts to lean to the left and hook a finger from my right arm into the sleeve of my top and drag the dead weight into position. After all this exertion I was left breathing heavily and quite exhausted but also relieved that I had ‘rescued’ myself! And what should happen about four hours or so later? Exactly the same thing! The trouble is I am now starting to fall like a rag doll when I try to lay back down on the bed so it’s a bit hit and miss as to where exactly I will land. I think my days of being able to get up from the bed by myself in the night are drawing to a close.


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