Friday, January 22nd 2010

Further preparations

Oxford Midi 170 electric hoist

I had another delivery from Equipment Services this morning. Today they delivered a mobile hoist for the study (see photo below). The purpose of this piece of kit will be to help transfer me into my office chair from my glide about chair if my legs fail altogether. At the moment it’s just sitting in the corner of my study behind me and out of the way, but it’s nice to know that Marion, my OT, has done her usual good job and arranged for equipment to be delivered in a timely fashion ahead of actual need. My carers are relieved that it is an electric hoist and not a manual one as it will make life easier for them. So that’s two down and one to go. Just waiting now to see what happens with regards to the ceiling track in the bathroom which will allow access to the bath lift. I’ve been told by my OT that the equipment stores are not going to fund it so she is looking elsewhere for help. I was just thinking… With all this hoisting equipment my house is going to start resembling a loading bay!

A long chat with my GP

I had the first meeting of the year with my GP today. Quite a lot has been happening in recent weeks so predictably there was a lot to talk about to bring her up to speed and to seek her advice on. We touched on a whole range of subjects from muscular aches and pains, dwindling appetite, skin condition, and intermittent constipation (of all things!) which I suspect is being brought on by reduced mobility. And at the request of my senior carer she is now going to start prescribing E45 cream and Sudocrem to protect the skin.


Received a letter from the council today and guess what it contained? Yup, approval has been granted on my planning application! But just to be clear on this, it’s the second application, the one to the rear of the house. I must admit (and this might seem ungrateful) that I read the letter with mixed feelings. Why? Because of all the disadvantages associated with it such as losing most of the back garden, reducing the light in the dining/living room and removing the view I have at the moment out onto my garden, as well as ending up with an inspection cover in the wet room for the drain which lies beneath. But beggars can’t be choosers and the main thing is that I at least now have permission to build a ground floor bedroom and bathroom which will eventually make life a lot easier (although having no garden to enjoy). I’m just slightly annoyed that all the help given by the healthcare professionals to add their weight to the second planning application couldn’t have done so the first time round. Given the time constraints we’re under it seems unlikely that we would now spend further time and money on an appeal with an uncertain outcome when we already have what we need. Anyway the next step will be to contact a number of builders on the approved register and have them tender bids and then it will be a case of waiting on the council to determine who will get the contract based on price and availability to start.


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