Monday, January 25th 2010

Something for my neck

Margaret (my Physiotherapist) and Chris (my PCT Occupational Therapist) called in late this morning with a new neck support for me to try. Previously I had been experimenting with something called a headmaster’s collar but I had found it to be too restrictive due to its rigidity, making it difficult for me to lower my upper body when trying to look down. Also I found that after a short while it became uncomfortable to wear and would hurt my chest. The people at Salts Techstep have taken a fresh look at the problem of supporting the neck muscles and come up with the Oxford Collar, a design specifically engineered for people with MND. As you can see from their webpage here it does look rather strange. At first I had my reservations about its effectiveness but this seems to be one of those occasions where looks are deceiving. For a start it is very lightweight and for the times when the chin isn’t actually resting on the chin pad you would hardly know it is there. Even when the head falls forward so that it is being supported by the chin pad it appears to be far more comfortable than previous designs I have looked at. A lot of this is due to the wire sprung design and to the padded vertical supports which evenly distribute the load so there is no painful pressure point on my chest. They’ve left it with me to trial and have asked me to give them some feedback as it’s the first one they’ve ordered.


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