Wednesday, February 3rd 2010

Ann joins the veterans club!

Special day today, at least as far as the yo-yo antics of my care package are concerned. Ann becomes my second carer to have stayed with me a whole year (the first you may recall was Francesca shortly before Christmas). So now I have two veterans in my exclusive little care club. Congratulations, Ann!

Now I have a little confession to make. When I was told early last year that the care agency had a more, shall we say, senior carer who was keen to meet me, I had more than a few reservations. I thought to myself ‘this person is just not going to last. She’ll retire soon, probably just at the time when I need her the most. Either that or she will find it too much and not be able to keep up with the increasing demands’. But here we are a year later and I am most definitely having to eat my words! Ann is what I would term an ‘old school’ carer, the sort of person who cares genuinely from the heart and not the sort of person who thinks that care is measured in minutes and hours and will abruptly leave when their call is done (and I’ve had a few of those). She’s always coming in with little treats that she’s gone out of her way to get me. Yesterday for instance she brought over a delicious home-made apple pie that I had with ice cream after my dinner. And I’ve lost count of the amount of times she’s turned up with a box of cream cakes. Yes, she really spoils me.

Ann is one of those people who seems to thrive on work and doesn’t like to stand idle. It is Ann I have to thank more than anyone else last year for keeping the house clean and tidy. And it’s been Ann that I have to thank for keeping the front of the house presentable with containers of colourful flowers.

I’ve lost track of the amount of times that Ann has bailed out the care agency by stepping in when others have pulled out at short notice. She fully understands the need to have a consistent team of carers, especially for something like this, so will when possible try and buffer me from being sent a complete stranger at short notice. And during the recent bad weather it was Ann who walked the several miles from her house to mine in the snow and ice and freezing cold temperatures. Put simply she puts some of the other, younger carers to shame. It was also Ann who stayed by my bedside until nearly midnight when I ended up in hospital last September. Like I say, Ann genuinely cares from the heart. And it has been Ann who’s been there at my side when things have not been going well, with her ability to listen, sympathise, and offer support. Ann is one of life’s nice people; a kind, caring, thoughtful, considerate, loyal and devoted hard-working person that it is my real pleasure to have met.

Anyway I think I’ve managed to embarrass Ann enough smile_regular. So to mark the occasion Francesca helped me organise a little thank you and was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule with her main job to call in and congratulate Ann, a fellow veteran! As my official blog photographer she was also on hand to capture the moment on camera. Thank you, Francesca.

So thank you, Ann, for all your loyalty, hard work, and genuine care. It is very much appreciated. I am so glad to know that you are there for me on this journey both as a friend and as my carer.

With Ann celebrating one year of care with me

With Ann celebrating one year of care with me


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