Friday, February 5th 2010

Letter from my MP

I received a letter this morning from my MP. Although sympathetic, she says that unfortunately Members of Parliament have no role in the decision-making process of planning applications. These apparently are entirely the remit of the local authority and all she can do is ask for a review of a particular case. This she is going to do for me and I have been told that she is going to forward a copy of my e-mailed letter to the Chief Executive of my local Council asking if he can look into the points I have raised and arrange for an urgent review of my case. My MP will contact me again as soon as she receives a reply.

Thumb Print

I had a pleasant little surprise this morning when Ann started reading the latest copy of Thumb Print, the quarterly magazine of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, which arrived yesterday and had been sitting on the coffee table. Inside there was a half page article on… me! Basically it was a hard copy version of the article I had previously written for their website in response to a request which had invited people to write a little bit about their experiences of living with the disease or caring for those who had it. I had no idea that they would publish it in their magazine but it was nice to see the blog getting a mention.

Taken from the Winter 2010 copy of the MNDA's Thumb Print magazine


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