Sunday, February 14th 2010

Looking downwards

The muscles at the back of my neck are getting very weak. I’ve been having real problems this past week bringing my head up level if it falls forward. More often than not I end up having to ask for assistance from one of my carers so that I don’t end up spending my time looking at the carpet instead of the wall opposite. The problem is most noticeable when I’m either getting washed and dressed in the morning or when I’m getting ready for bed. So for instance getting off the loo or bath seat now presents me with two problems; the first is that I need somebody to physically help haul me off the seat and into a standing position, and then to take hold of my head and bring it into an upright position. I’m even starting to notice the problem when sitting at my computer tilting my head downwards to look at the laptop screen. It’s for this reason that I have been wearing my new MND collar for most of the day now and you can see evidence of this in the photos below. It may look a bit strange but it is surprisingly effective.

Card delivery service 

One of the problems I’ve had for some time now, and even more so this year now that I am temporarily trapped upstairs, is that it is very difficult to get out and go shopping for cards and gifts whenever a birthday, anniversary, or other event crops up. Getting presents isn’t so bad provided it’s something that can be ordered off the Internet, but cards are a different matter. So it was with tremendous relief that my aunt and uncle very kindly offered to go into town and pick some out for me and then call round today and be my hands and write them out for me. And with Francesca looking after me this weekend it was an ideal opportunity for me to call on the services of my official blog photographer for a few family snaps. So thank you for all your help uncle Alan and aunt Joan, it was lovely to see you again. And thank you Francesca for the nice pictures.

With my aunt Joan

With my aunt Joan

With my uncle Alan

With Francesca

With Francesca


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