Sunday, February 21st 2010

A consequence of reduced arm movement

My hands have started to swell up. Both the fingers and the back of the hands are starting to look puffy and bloated and I believe are contributing to my difficulty in being able to clench my fists. MND isn’t directly responsible for this but it is one of the secondary complications that can arise as mobility and upper limb movement become more and more restricted. The swelling has become steadily more apparent in the months since I’ve changed the way I interact with my computer and the environment in which I work. Up until last autumn I had my computer set up on the dining table and as this was quite spacious there was plenty of room for me to rest my left arm on the table surface whilst my right arm was supported in a modified ergo rest. So essentially both arms were laid out horizontally and would remain in this position for some hours. But after my accident last autumn two things changed which together have contributed to my current situation. The first was changing my workplace to the study upstairs where there is no room on my desk to rest my arms. The second was making the switch to speech recognition software and in so doing having little need to interact with the computer keyboard. So nowadays a lot of the time I now spend at the computer is with my hands resting in my lap whilst I dictate into the microphone. Consequently the cumulative effect of having my arms immobilised and angled downwards for months has resulted in a kind of pooling effect as the fluids in my body constrained by the laws of gravity fall downwards until they can go no further.

I contacted my physiotherapist recently on this matter, explaining what I thought was happening, and asking for advice and if there were any techniques we could incorporate into my morning ritual that would help alleviate the problem. The answer I got back basically confirmed what I had already managed to work out for myself and just suggested that I keep my arms level on the table. So over this weekend Ali and I have been experimenting with ways of propping up my arms. We tried stuffing cushions down the side of my office chair and laying out my arms on top but found that it wasn’t very comfortable or easy to keep the arms in position. Today has been a bit more successful as we’ve called into service my old modified ergo rest and mounted it on the left-hand side of my laptop so that now both hands and forearms are supported in a horizontal position (even though they’re not actually being used). I’ve been trialling it for most of the day without any discomfort so it certainly looks promising although of course it is way too early to see if it can minimise or even (fingers crossed) reverse the swelling.

So, just one example of the consequences of reduced limb movement. Not peculiar to MND of course, but it does illustrate how the body can break down and change its shape without regular movement. Just think for a moment how often in normal life we move our arms during the course of a single day. It might be to brush our teeth, wash our face, comb our hair, scratch our heads, reach into a kitchen cupboard, eat a meal, drive a car, pick something up from a supermarket shelf. The list goes on and on and of course we give little thought to it. But it doesn’t take too long for the effects of not performing these mini exercises to manifest themselves. To think this photo could be me someday if I can’t work out a way of reducing the puffiness! smile_regular

The shape of me to come? The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! 🙂


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