Sunday, February 28th 2010

Fun with the camera

In contrast to the rest of the week I’ve had a much better and well rested weekend and feel all the better for it. Francesca was in at the weekend to lift my spirits and as you can see from the photos below we had some fun with Mr Gingerbread Man, yet another recent treat from Ann, bless her. In addition Francesca became my hands and helped me get some documents scanned into my computer and my digital photo frame updated with a new batch of photos. So all in all it was all things visual this weekend. Thanks for taking some nice photos once again, Francesca. They brought a smile to my face when I was resizing/tweaking them for the blog.

My new friend!

Attack of the gingerbread men!

Happy! 🙂

Go on Francesca, bite his head off!

A kiss for Mr Gingerbread Man

The gingerbread family. . . with Junior 🙂

A thirsty gingerbread man!

My carers are spoiling me

You know, I have to say that all my main carers really are spoiling me lately. Ali for instance surprised me one lunchtime with a big bar of dark chocolate a few weeks ago after we were talking about things that I enjoy but have not had for a while. On Shrove Tuesday she turned up with all the ingredients for making delicious pancakes and which amazingly I managed to consume five without any swallowing problems – so much for a reduced appetite, ha ha. And then a week ago just before she took a week’s holiday she arrived with a couple of lemon cheesecake slices, how kind was that?

And as for Ann, well she seems to have a standing order with the bakery! Apart from the aforementioned gingerbread man, there’s been a steady stream of cream horns, apple pastries, and chocolate éclairs. And when she’s not visiting the bakery she’s making me jelly and blancmange! Can’t she see I’m trying to lose weight! smile_regular

And now Debbie has fallen into their bad habits! I’ve had to eat my way through various chocolate and lemon desserts over the past couple of weeks. A few days ago we were talking about the different types of cheese that we liked and I just happened to mention Wensleydale cheese as one I would like to try, this being of course a firm favourite with Wallace and Gromit. And guess what turned up in my cheese omelette last weekend? I just couldn’t resist saying ‘cracking piece of Wensleydale, Gromit’! But this weekend she outdid herself and made a delicious cheese sauce to go with some white fish. I’ve been struggling lately to eat cod fish because of its texture and tendency to stick at the back of the throat but the sauce helped it slide down easily. And for dessert? A delicious raspberry Eton mess that simply melted in the mouth. After that little lot I was stuffed to the gills! Nice one, Debbie!

How sweet is this?

And finally before I sign off today I just wanted to show you this picture that Ann’s delightful little granddaughter, Poppy, drew for me. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Poppy on several occasions now and she really is a little darling and brings a great big smile to my face with the things that she says. As you can see from the words in the picture this is Poppy’s way of curing me. I was deeply touched when Ann brought it round to show me and very nearly ended up with a tear in my eye. Oh for the innocence of youth!

Dear Poppy, thank you so much for the lovely drawing that you made for me. Because it is so important I have given it a home here on my blog so that (fingers crossed) even when you have grown up you will be able to come back and see it and understand how much it brought a smile to my face by someone who I hardly know.

Hero Poppy to save me!


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