Tuesday, March 2nd 2010

Letter from across the pond!

I had a big surprise this morning when I went to check my messages – an e-mail from Ruth! Those of you who have been following the blog may recall that Ruth was my very pleasant Association Visitor and point of contact with the MND Association until last summer when she and her family left good old Blighty to make a home across the pond in the US of A. We’ve not exchanged e-mails since last September so it was a real treat to see one sitting in my inbox today. But the title ‘A very sad story’ had me perplexed. Almost simultaneously two thoughts flashed through my mind: had something tragic happened… Or was I being sent a joke! With some trepidation I began to read…

A very sad story!

Once upon a time there was a young lady (use your imagination here) who was introduced to a gentleman who had just had some rather bad news about his neurones. She wanted to be his friend and he kindly invited her into his home and, over a period of time, they started to get to know each other; for example, he learnt that she was a very bad time keeper, and she learnt to look very knowledgeable when he talked about computers 😉 The man had been told that he had a serious illness but, despite the fact that he faced many challenges as his body stopped doing what it should, he was always cheerful and made the lady laugh.

Then, one day, the lady told the gentleman that she would be going to live in another country but she promised that she would keep in touch regularly. She lied.

After she had been living in the new country for quite a while, she began to feel guilty that she hadn’t kept her promise. Of course, she told herself, I’ve been very busy making friends, helping out at school, having visitors over Christmas and going to the Smoky Mountains, playing Freecell on the computer, but she knew that this wasn’t a good enough reason to abandon her friend. So she decided to write to the gentleman, but wasn’t sure how to start. She thought she would begin by reading his blog and when she did, she realised how lucky she was living in a country that knows how to deal with snow (tee hee), and how many changes she had missed in her friend’s life, and she felt bad. Then she plucked up her courage and put pen to paper (come on, keep using that imagination). She asked him if he had seen their friend Esther at all, or been to any MND meetings; whether the bulbs were beginning to come up yet because, where she lived, it was still a long way from Spring (and she’s getting a bit fed up with winter); and if he could please stop mentioning cooked breakfasts in his blog because she was really missing English bacon (also proper chocolate, crackling on roast pork, fish and chips, curries……….).

Finally, she popped her letter in the post (imagination, remember), included some photos of her family, and crossed her fingers that he would forgive her and write back.

The End

Hello Ruth. I hope you didn’t mind me posting your e-mail. I just thought it was such an original way to reconnect that I wanted to share it smile_regular. Really lovely to hear from you again and thank you for the lovely photos. Honestly, there is nothing to forgive. I am just grateful that you remembered me and still find the time to visit the blog. I’ll be writing a more personal e-mail to you very shortly. Miss you! 

Ruth, my very cheerful former MNDA visitor


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