Sunday, March 28th 2010

The desert delivery service!

I mentioned recently how some of my carers have been really spoiling me with all sorts of deserts. Well they’re at it again and it’s the usual suspects (Ann, Alli, Debbie). At this rate it won’t be the MND that finishes me off, it will be a calorie overdose! smile_regular Have these people no mercy? If they ever had to do an autopsy on my stomach they’ll get a shock as by now it must be resembling a bakery! I’ve had lemon cakes, chocolate cakes and scones this week alone. No wonder I’ve started to put on some weight. Yes, seriously my weight has started to go up and for me it’s a first as in all the time I’ve had MND I’ve only ever know my weight to either gradually fall or plateau. I suspect there are three reasons why my weight has started to climb. The first is down to the ensure drinks I’m now taking regularly, the second is because my food is being fortified with cream, and the third of course is all these high calorie desserts that my lovely carers keep bringing me.

And all of that was just a lead in to this morning’s visitors. Ann, bless her, had made me a delicious trifle laced with Sherry as well as a home-made jam tart. But Ann herself was busy slaving away in her own kitchen so had left the delivery duties to her husband Roy, and Poppy, their delightful granddaughter who’s been up to the house on a few occasions now and seems to like it here. Poppy is the little girl whose artwork featured here on the blog recently when she drew me a picture of how she was going to ‘save me’! Anyway it was an enjoyable albeit brief visit. Fortunately my brother was on hand, having just delivered my weekly shopping, to take a few pictures of the occasion so you now all know who ‘Hero Poppy’ is.

Thanks for the lovely trifle, Ann. Believe me when I tell you I slept pretty well after all that Sherry although walking was a bit more precarious than usual smile_regular. Oh, and on the subject of sleep, the new bed and mattress has made a significant improvement. I’m not getting any more pain in my lower back and I’m managing to sleep for longer periods of time so that I feel less tired during the day and can concentrate better. However, I am still on the painkillers (Diclofenac) so there is still the question about what contribution they’re having. I hope to find out next week.

Mark’s special visitor!

With Poppy

With Poppy

Poppy and the petrol tanker!



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One Response to Sunday, March 28th 2010

  1. jane c says:

    Good to hear you sounding more upbeat again, Mark, long may it continue!


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