Tuesday, April 13th 2010

Moving to foot control

I had a visit from Marion early this afternoon. She brought Paul along from Possum to come and take a fresh look at ways of helping me to independently controlled things. At the moment I’m still heavily dependent on using my arms and hands to reach out and press buttons to operate such things as my telephone, intercom unit, and the little box of tricks that fires off infrared beams to operate the TV and lights etc. Of course I can only do this if my forearm is supported in the ergo rest and then have to rely on using my body to push the arm forward. But just lately this is becoming increasingly difficult as my upper body strength fades. So today we’ve been looking at bringing the Possum Primo environmental control unit upstairs and linking it up with a foot switch which could be used to cycle through the options on the Primo display. This would then enable me to access all the equipment which we would program into it thus giving me a ‘hands-free’ means of control. For me it is the next logical step as there is very little I can do now with my upper limbs. My legs on the other hand although not very strong in terms of keeping me standing up for long can at least be moved easily enough so pivoting on the ball of my foot to operate various switches presents no problem at the moment. In a similar fashion we plan to attach a large soft action switch to the foot board at the bottom of the profiling bed so that I can if necessary elevate or recline it myself. However, to be able to operate equipment in both the bedroom and the study will require moving the Possum Primo from room to room and then reconnecting the foot switches.


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