Thursday, April 15th 2010

Itchy and scratchy

If it’s not one thing it’s another lately isn’t it? I seem to be suffering quite badly this week from skin irritation. I’ve no idea why but my skin keeps itching and it drives me up the wall when there is no one around to give me a scratch. The last few nights have been terrible with my lower legs almost continuously itching and all I’ve been able to do is wriggle them slightly against the bed sheet which to be honest probably does more to irritate them. But any relief it gives me is short lived. Other areas of my body such as my back and elbows are even less fortunate as I cannot move these when lying in bed. The funny thing is that there is no red rash visible (unless I scratch it) and the skin looks quite normal. So far we’ve been trying cold damp flannels pressed against the skin which do seem to work for awhile but of course are no use during the night, and E45 cream which hasn’t been very successful so far. I’ve been trying to think if anything has changed such as shampoos, shower gels, bath foam, cleaning agents etc that might cause a reaction with my skin but nothing springs to mind. I tried contacting the MND Connect service today to see if it was something related to MND or something entirely separate. Unfortunately they weren’t much help and just suggested that it might be down to a change of medication (which I haven’t done) and that I should speak to my GP. Searching through the Build UK MND forum reveals a different picture as a number of people have raised the subject of itchy skin although the remedies being suggested are wide and varied. I’ll keep an eye on it over the next few days and if it’s no better I’ll speak to my GP. In the meantime Alli has been out and bought some Eurax cream which is supposed to be good at combating itchy skin. I shall be trying it this evening.


I’ve been having a bit of a tidy up in some of the living room cupboards these past few days as a sort of prelude to rearranging the downstairs and making it more suitable for me to live and work in. Well actually it’s Ann who’s been doing all the work bringing piles of stuff upstairs for me to look at and to decide what to keep and what to put in a charity bag for the local hospice. The whole exercise has been tinged with more than a little sadness as I’ve parted company with part of my book collection, in this case my movie memorabilia collection (I have a fascination with the technical aspect of films and how they are made) which stretches back more than three decades and into my teenage years. Because I’ve had such a lifelong love of books and enjoy reading it feels a little like I’m dismantling part of my life. But then I realise and point out to myself that these particular books have been gathering dust unread for many years and are merely occupying valuable space. I suppose I could of course have somebody put them all up in the loft thus freeing up the space I need, but what would be the point? I then point out to myself that the reality of course is that I simply no longer have the physical ability or most likely the time left to read all these books anyway. I guess I just can’t bear giving things away like this irrespective of whether I would make use of them or not. I think it’s because the material things around us that form our hobbies and interests also partly define us especially if these things have been accumulated over a lifetime. Or maybe I’m just a hoarder; perhaps there are some magpie genes in the family tree! smile_regular

Update on extension

Sue at In Touch contacted me today to say that they would be sending the plans and specification for the extension out to tender today. So hopefully before too long I should be visited by some builders to do their quotes. I’m being told that the return date for the tenders will be 6th May. Finally things are starting to move forward.


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