Monday, May 24th 2010

An evening out with my carers

Hard to believe that it’s already been a month since I escaped the confines of the house for a few brief hours, but here we are and Debbie has once again organised another jailbreak. Amazingly we were just as blessed with good weather as we were last time with the sun beating down from a beautiful clear blue sky.

Although I’m always apprehensive about using the stairlift these days I needn’t have worried as I was in very good hands with Alli and Jan handling me at the top and bottom of the stairlift and into the wheelchair. They made it look so simple; I guess partly from the wealth of experience they have, and partly from the fact that I’m not exactly a heavyweight, especially these days.

Jan was my trusty chauffeur again as we took a leisurely stroll over to the Portsmouth Arms for our evening meal. You know I have to say that after being confined to the same surroundings for any length of time, I seem to have a heightened sense of awareness to the change in my surroundings. It really is surprising how many things you notice that you probably wouldn’t do if something became a regular occurrence. There was birdsong everywhere, both in the trees and in the hedgerows. Overhead a flock of birds flew by. The air was tinged with the smell of fresh cut grass. There was dappled light shining through the leaves, wild poppies growing by the roadside and even a few rabbits scampering around on the open grass. It really was a lovely evening to be out enjoying the fresh air and I savoured every moment of it. In years gone by on an evening like this I would have been out on my bike cycling down the country lanes and making the most of the last few hours of sunshine. But although such things are now just a memory I can still enjoy and appreciate the outdoors when my kind-hearted carers band together on occasions such as this.

The Portsmouth Arms looked lovely bathed in early evening light with people making the most of it and taking their drinks outside to sit under the sun umbrellas. We were lucky and were able to secure the same round table inside as last time which was situated in a little alcove with easy access for my wheelchair. Whilst the girls were tucking into larger meals I was quite content with a smaller portion of fried egg, sauté potatoes and ham followed by a rich dark chocolate mousse for desert. The whole evening was an enjoyable experience with good conversation, plenty of laughs and fine food. It was so nice to be able to eat with people in a sociable setting for a change. The time seemed to just fly by as it always seems to do when you’re enjoying yourself, and soon it was time to return home before my wheelchair turned back into a pumpkin. Once again Alli and Jan seemed to have no problem handling me and getting me safely into bed. Interestingly though I still seem to be able to weight bear after sitting in a wheelchair for 3 1/2 hours although I did need their help standing up.

So another night out has come and gone and already I’m looking forward to the next one which Debbie is busy organising. Hopefully we’ll be able to entice even more people to come along. Just before signing off I would like to say a big thank you to Debbie, Alli, Ann and Jan for a really enjoyable evening and for taking good care of me. It was lovely to see you all together.

The guards were on a heightened sense of alert after receiving a tipoff that there was going to be another jailbreak! 🙂

With Jan

With Jan

With Jan

With Alli & Debbie

With Debbie

With Alli, Jan & Debbie

With Alli

With Debbie, Jan (yes the tree really is growing out of her head! 🙂 ) & Ann

With Debbie, Alli & Ann


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