Tuesday, June 22nd 2010


It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was writing about my last evening out with my carers and yet here we are again a whole month later. What amazes me, and I’ll probably put a hex on it now, is that every time we go out the sun is shining and it’s a glorious evening! That’s three out of three! Of course now that I’ve said it we’ll probably be walking over to the Portsmouth Arms next month in torrential rain wearing ponchos whilst the girls interlock their umbrellas over our heads like Roman centurions going into battle in tortoise formation smile_regular.

Performing the various transfers between my office chair, stairlift, and wheelchair were expertly handled by Jan and Alli. Fortunately I am still able to (just about) load bear so that does make it a little bit easier. After our customary photo shoot outside the house we took a leisurely walk over to the Portsmouth Arms. Well I say ‘leisurely’ but Jan who was once again my trusty chauffeur (with Alli riding shotgun) only has two modes: walking or standing still. Walking mode is like baby gazelle speed and it wasn’t long before Vanessa and Debbie who were the tail-end Charlies were left far behind.

The lovely weather was proving popular and there were plenty of people outside the Portsmouth Arms enjoying a drink under the colourful sun umbrellas. Once again it was an enjoyable evening with fine food (I had scampi and chips for dinner and Eton mess for dessert) and plenty of laughs. What was particularly nice this time was that every one of my carers was able to make it. So a big thanks to Debbie once again for organising it, and to Ann, Alli, Jan and Vanessa for giving me a lovely evening and allowing me to escape the confines of the house for a few brief hours.

We caught one of the guards having an afternoon siesta and made quick work of tying him up before he could raise the alarm.

Not all the guards were sleepy and this feisty little devil thought he could block our escape, but the sun was shining and the lovely weather was calling to us, so through sheer desperation and weight of numbers we managed to overpower him and tie him up in one of his own straitjackets. That'll teach him!

With Debbie, Jan and Vanessa

With Debbie, Jan and Vanessa

With Jan and Vanessa

With Debbie

With Jan and Debbie

With Vanessa and Debbie

With Jan

With Jan

With Alli

With Alli, Debbie and Vanessa

With Ann

With Ann

With Vanessa, Jan and Ann


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2 Responses to Tuesday, June 22nd 2010

  1. Lovely photos Mark and glad there are so many nice people looking after you.

  2. As for those meercats, I keep seeing them on display in a basket at Morrisons, captured I presume! I smile and think of you when I see them.

    Love Chris x

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