Tuesday, June 29th 2010


Today I achieved what Y fronts man failed to do despite numerous attempts – I’ve managed to escape (to St Michaels Hospice virtually next door). Shortly after 9 AM three paramedics appeared with a stretcher to transport me to the hospice. I felt privileged to be told that I had been given one of only three double rooms. And what a nice room it is too. I have a bay window, profiling bed with ripple mattress, hoisting equipment (which I got to use for the first time ever this morning), a large 32 inch flat screen TV and plenty of room to move around (assuming of course that I could move around).

Once again I’ve been in bed all day and although I’ve got nothing to do I’ve had plenty of members of staff popping in to introduce themselves ranging from staff nurses, care workers, physiotherapists and even their doctor, oh and Marion, the waking nurse from their hospice at home team who looked after me a couple of months ago when I was in so much pain at night. Rachel’s been round to see me to make sure I’m settling in okay and Chris (my OT) has been out to my house to do some assessments on equipment needs.

Ann and Alli have been in to do all my personal care today so it’s been nice to see some familiar faces although the lack of work for them to do now that I am under the wing of the hospice will mean I will only have a requirement for a few hours of their time each day until I get discharged. Alli did me huge favour this afternoon by rushing home to collect my laptop computer and all the plug-in paraphernalia that I need to operate it ‘hands-free’ after hearing from Bernie, the hospice’s IT guy, that he could provide me with a network connection to the Internet so that I could keep in touch with everyone and keep my mind occupied during the day. I can’t tell you how grateful I was at hearing this good news as my computer is all that I have to engage my mind during the day and I’m anxious to check my e-mail, update my blog etc. It’s a sure sign of living in the 21st century when even a few days away from a computer can cause distress!

I had a lovely head and neck massage this evening courtesy of a guy called Ed who comes to visit the hospice each week offering various complimentary therapies. He was quite an interesting character to talk to because of his diverse background and range of skills (he’s also an accountant and an author of children’s books, one of which Alli bought and had signed!). I’m starting to feel pampered already!

First impressions of the hospice? Absolutely marvellous. Everyone I have met is so kind and caring and eager to please and take care of your every need. The environment is very relaxed and informal and it’s wonderful to have access to so many different skills all under one roof. In short I’m being well looked after and feel safe knowing that I can call on someone at any time. Oh, and the food here is delicious and all home-made. I had a very tasty scampi and chips for lunch with ice cream and jelly for dessert. And that was even before I got to my evening meal!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. The physiotherapists (Jean and Helen) that I met today are going to try and get me back up on my feet tomorrow to see what my capabilities are. I’m also going to be assessed for a suitable chair that I can sit in during the day that will allow me to work on my computer.


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