Wednesday, June 30th 2010

Making myself at home

Woke up this morning feeling rested but also anxious to do something other than sit around in bed all day. As of this morning I’ve been lying in bed over 60 hours and the longer I leave it the more difficult it will become to attempt standing up again, both from a physical and mental perspective. I’m also finding that losing that last bit of mobility I had is having a tremendous effect on how people do all my personal care. I’ve had to ask the staff not to turn and roll me any more than they absolutely have to because of the pain it brings on in my shoulder joints and around my shoulder blades. But some such handling is unavoidable when being dressed.

Jean and Helen (the physiotherapists I met yesterday) turned up a little after 10 AM this morning to help get me to do some standing exercises from the edge of the bed. We only tried a couple of times as on each case I had a tendency to list one way or the other and was finding it hard to stabilise myself although fortunately my legs didn’t buckle at the knees. I did try some walking on the spot as well but having only one leg on the ground made me feel very unstable so I didn’t try walking around the room.

The staff have managed to find me an all-singing all-dancing chair that I can be hoisted into so I can work at my computer. But there are a couple of problems though: the first is the chair doesn’t allow me to put my feet on the ground which I need to do to use the foot switches on my computer. We’ve had to improvise by placing the switches on a platform that is level with my feet. The second problem is that it gets very uncomfortable after a couple of hours as I am unable to reposition myself. This has meant that the staff are continually having to lift me out of the chair using the hoist and then reposition me. All this time spent hanging around in a mesh sling is starting to make me feel like a tuna caught in a fisherman’s net! Apart from that things are working reasonably well with my computer although for some reason I’ve had trouble getting the speech recognition software to work reliably.

Want to know how relaxed it is here at the hospice? We had a black medium-sized dog called Reg walking around the corridors and into people’s bedrooms this morning! I wondered at first if he was a pat dog but apparently he belongs to one of the patients staying here.


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