Friday, July 2nd 2010

Living it up at the Hotel California!

I woke up to find a little yellow rubber duck at the end of my bed. Susan, one of the lovely hospice nurses had placed it there in the early hours of the morning to signify that today they were going to let me have a bath! But unlike in days of old when I would simply walk into the bathroom and get in the bath, it is now a full-blown military style operation that requires the team effort of about three people working closely together. First they had to hoist my naked body off the bed and onto a stretcher-like device, then cover me in towels and push me along the corridor to the bathroom, then manoeuvre the stretcher-like device so that it is pushed up to the side of the bath and the platform that I am laying on can then be lowered into the water. The bath is one of those extra long models so that I could lay in it rather than sit bolt upright like I do at home. The other really lovely thing about this bath is that it has a Jacuzzi. The hot churning water was so soothing and relaxing on my muscles that I could have quite happily lay there for ages. So a big thank you to Gail and Tracy who took care of me during this little luxury.

I had a change of scenery today away from my bedroom when they wheeled me into their Conservatory so that I could have my lunchtime meal whilst looking out at the beautifully maintained garden and pond. The garden is looked after by a group of volunteers and although it is not huge in size it is very cleverly designed to maximise the space available. Considering how close the hospice is to the general Hospital it is amazingly quiet; a little oasis of calm right near a busy road, although you would never know it. To one side is an old building that I believe was originally doctors quarters dating back goodness knows how many years. Part of the ground floor is now used as a day care centre where people can participate in various crafts such as painting and woodwork. In fact just outside were examples of birdhouses and wheelbarrows that people had made and were being sold to generate revenue for the hospice. It would seem that the role of a hospice is certainly changing and expanding. A few years ago I thought you only went to one to spend the last few weeks of your life but that is simply not true anymore.

I managed to get my hair cut today thanks to Leslie who drops in at the hospice a couple of times a week. That’s the second time this week that I’ve been able to take advantage of free services that people are kind enough to offer patients at the hospice.

You know I have to say that the food here is really very good. I had a delicious cooked breakfast of fried bread, fried egg and thick bacon. At lunch in the conservatory I had a very tasty home-made shepherd’s pie and vegetables with a chocolate cake and chocolate sauce for dessert. And in the evening I had a humongous jacket potato with lashings of butter and a mountain of grated cheese, followed by tiramisu (with a very generous helping of rum, I might add). I never thought I was going to get through it all but amazingly I surprised even myself.


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One Response to Friday, July 2nd 2010

  1. Wow they are really looking after you there Mark; so glad to hear it.

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