Saturday, July 3rd 2010

Relaxation and frustration in equal amounts

It’s been a day of contrasts. On one hand I was treated to another Jacuzzi bath, had lunch in the conservatory, and was visited by my aunt and uncle in the afternoon, whilst on the other I’ve been frustrated no end by the fact that for days now I cannot seem to access my blog. Why this should be the case I have no idea especially as friends and family seem to be able to view it okay. Grrr technology!

I finally got to meet another of the hospice’s patients whilst sitting in the conservatory having lunch and watching magpies swoop down to land on the stone fountain in the garden outside to take a drink. I’d just been wheeled into this light and airy conservatory and had remarked that it seemed a shame that more people didn’t make use of it, when this frail looking middle-aged woman came to sit down on one of the sofa’s. We got chatting for a little while to pass the time. Inevitably the conversation eventually turned to why we were at the hospice. I discovered that she had cancer whilst she had never heard of MND.

Debbie has brought me a gift: a hand knitted meerkat which at the moment is sitting on top of my bedside cabinet, and not in the bed like a certain other meerkat.


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One Response to Saturday, July 3rd 2010

  1. Wherever are all these Meercats coming from; you are going to be over-run with them? Must be all that food that they are after.

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