Wednesday, July 14th 2010


The new air filled mattress overlay wasn’t exactly a resounding success. I woke up in the morning to find that about a quarter of the air pockets around my feet and head had deflated! Also because I was finding it difficult to get my head and neck comfortable I ended up having to sleep in a more horizontal position than I normally would. Consequently I woke up with pain in my lower spine similar to (but not as severe) the kind I had a few months ago before I got a community bed with full profiling. We’ve since discovered that the mattress had a puncture and that the valves aren’t working properly. Caroline (one of the hospice’s occupational therapists) has managed to obtain another mattress so we’re going to give it another try tonight.

In a change from the usual morning ritual the hospice staff and I have collectively decided that I would have a bed bath today instead of my usual (and I must say luxurious) Jacuzzi bath. The reason for this is that I need to get used to what I will initially be having at home when I get discharged. Up until recently I was still hoping that I would be able to continue using my AquaJoy bath lift, and indeed I had been told that funding had been secured for me to have a ceiling track in the bathroom. Now however I’m being told that the consensus is with my upper body strength fading it would be too risky. So this morning I lay on the bed whilst Ann and Chris (one of the hospice’s healthcare assistants) cleaned me using bed bath wipes. Basically it’s a pack of about 10 impregnated disposable cloths that are heated up in a microwave before applying to the skin and then discarded. A whole pack is used each time someone has a bed bath.

Jane (my OT with Adult Services) turned up this morning with a guy from an equipment supplier to demonstrate a shower chair for use in the extension (which hasn’t been built yet). This all seems a bit premature to me as I won’t be able to make use of it for some months to come. But perhaps they are on a long lead time so need to make sure that we spec the correct one. In any case it was quite an impressive looking chair with a comfortable seat, a recline and tilt function, plenty of back support and a head support. All of this will be necessary as my body gradually loses the ability to support itself. This particular chair is designed not only for a wet room environment but also for positioning directly over a Clos-o-Mat toilet which I am having installed in the extension. I was able to sit in it for a good 20 minutes or so and in that time it seemed quite comfortable so I guess this is the one they will be ordering.

Received an e-mail back from the repair company looking at my laptop computer to confirm that they have now received it and that an engineer will be in contact with me shortly.


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