Wednesday, July 28th 2010

Mid week catch up

My days here at the hospice are all starting to blur into one. A sizeable portion of each day is taken up with my care and various meetings as we finalise all the things that need to be done before going home next week. On Monday for instance, Jane (my OT with Adult Services), dropped by with Richard (from Remap) to discuss ways in which I could take a drink during my hours alone in the afternoons. What they’ve come up with is some kind of arm that attaches to my wheelchair that will hold a sports bottle of about half a litre. The arm will be positioned in such a way that it will be within easy reach of my head as moving my body forward in the wheelchair is no longer viable.

Another concern I had about returning home is how easy or difficult it would be to have my hair washed now that I’m no longer able to use the bath (for safety reasons). Jane brought with her some catalogues of products for the disabled and has identified something which to my mind looks like a scaled-down children’s paddling pool which is placed behind the head when you are lying on the bed. So fingers crossed it looks like I’ll still be able to use my bath toys, only trouble is I won’t be able to see them!

Following on straight after this meeting was a get-together with Sue from In Touch who has notified me that building work on my extension is set to commence next Monday. So fingers crossed there aren’t any last-minute changes.

I’ve been having some real fun and games with my computer again. I recently discovered that something at the hardware level has either been replaced or tampered with because all my DRM protected ebooks from Amazon and Waterstones could no longer be opened. I had to reregister my laptop computer with both Amazon and Adobe and in the case of Amazon had to re-download all my books again. It didn’t cost me any money just valuable time. Oh for a simple life! Oh yes, on top of that I’m having real problems with Internet Explorer which is having difficulty loading some pages and flatly refusing others. Confusingly though when I downloaded a portable version of Firefox I was able to view any webpage I wanted.

This afternoon, Bernie (the IT manager here at the hospice), programmed my Possum environmental control system with useful phone numbers. Recently one of their engineers had been to my house to set up a hands-free phone which is connected to the Possum. So now when I go home I will once again be able to make and receive phone calls both in my study and in bed.

I’ll close out with a photo taken today in the company of three lovely ladies who have done a great deal for me in my time here at St Michael’s. From left to right they are physiotherapists Jean and Helen, and occupational therapist Caroline.

In the company of three lovely ladies: Jean and Helen, and Caroline


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