Friday, August 20th 2010

At last!

I’m still in catch up mode at the moment as I try to recover from the huge amount of time I invested in migrating my blog to a new home (at the expense of everything else), so this and the next couple of posts will unfortunately be written and posted rather late. But hey ho, better late than never!

Anyway, the good news is that after the best part of a year and a half of discussion, drafting, planning submissions, appeals, quotations and finally approval, work has at last started on my much-needed house extension. As a matter of fact it actually started on the day I was discharged from St Michaels Hospice which was the 2nd of August. I caught a brief glimpse of the builders preparing the footings as I was wheeled out of the back of the ambulance that day. It certainly made a nice homecoming present! Unfortunately because of my predicament it is the only time I have physically seen the progress being made with my own eyes. Now, like you I get to monitor the progress through photos that my carers are kind enough to take for me.

Where I am situated now is on the far side of the house and upstairs so just about as far away from the noise as I can get, although to be fair the noise has been kept down to a minimum as far as I can tell. The builders, a pair of brothers who call in other skills as and when needed, are both very friendly and courteous.

At this stage I still don’t have a timescale for the project. I’m waiting on In Touch to get back to me with a better estimate than the 3 to 4 months they originally told me. Anyway, for now I am just extremely grateful that the project is finally underway and all of the bureaucracy which has cost me so much time is now behind me. Let’s just hope that we are blessed with good weather for at least long enough so that they can get the outside shell completed.

Okay, here’s a selection of shots kindly taken by Alli on the second day of construction.

The builders have finally moved in! 3rd August 2010

It's surprising how quickly they can fill a skip up. This was taken on the second day. 3rd August 2010

All this digging just because I lost my wallet! 🙂 3rd August 2010

Digging the footings under what will become the bathroom. 3rd August 2010

Remnants of my shrubs that will hopefully live on! 3rd of August 2010

View from what will be the rear of the extension. 3rd August 2010

Another view of the footings. 3rd August 2010



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2 Responses to Friday, August 20th 2010

  1. Jodie says:

    Congratulations on the extensions finally being started. It has turned into an absolute saga for you. I hope the construction part moves along without anything getting in the way.

  2. Christian says:

    It is all looking good so far, great to see the extension is finally underway. I bet you are so looking forward to it being finished.

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