Friday, September 3rd 2010

An update on the building project

Okay it’s time for a brief photo update on how things are progressing with the new extension being built on the side of my house. We start off with a group of photos taken in the back garden as this has been where the builders have been focusing their efforts up until recently. The reason for this is that they needed to sort out the drainage for the new bathroom, and this has to some extent delayed progress as they needed to make some alterations and get building approval. We’ve also had some bad weather lately and to avoid losing too much time the builders purchased a cheap gazebo so they could carry on working. Thankfully the problems and bad weather are behind us (for now anyway) and things have started moving at a brisker pace once again.

As can be seen in the final four pictures focus this week has shifted once again to the side of the house with the concrete base being completed. All the materials required for putting up the shell have now been delivered and bricklaying is scheduled to start early Saturday morning. So please come back in a few days when hopefully I’ll have another batch of photos to share with you of the progress made over the weekend.

In the meantime a big thank you goes to Vanessa, Jan and Alli who were kind enough to take all the pictures shown below so that even I could see what’s going on!

Removal of patio slabs in preparation for drainage from new bathroom. 18th August 2010

Another view of the 'missing' patio and soon-to-be underground drainage. 18th August 2010

A soakaway drainage system under construction at the end of the garden. 23rd August 2010

Formerly my patio! Once all the drainage work has been completed a new level access platform will be constructed so that I can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and my garden. 23rd August 2010

Drainage channel in progress. 23rd August 2010

Memo to myself. Just need to double-check with the builders to make sure that they understand that it's a side extension to the house that I want built, and not a defensive perimeter around the property! 🙂 And there was me thinking, have an extension on the side so that my back garden isn't ruined! 🙂 24th August 2010

Look, bricks at last! Visible progress being made on the side extension. 24th August 2010

A view from what will be the bathroom end of the extension showing the building materials that were delivered this week. 3rd September 2010

A view from across the road showing the new concrete base that was laid down this week and the building materials recently delivered. 3rd September 2010

A slightly different and closer view of the progress made this week. 3rd September 2010


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One Response to Friday, September 3rd 2010

  1. Christian Glover says:

    You made me laugh about the comment you made about wanting your garden left intact… hehe x

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