Wednesday, September 8th 2010

Dimensional discrepancies

Just a few more photos to share of the progress made during the first half of this week. Visually it doesn’t look a lot different although you can now see that we have the lintels in place. The next step will be to start work on the roof and I’m told, weather permitting, that this should commence later in the week. I’ll breathe a sigh of relief when the outside work is done as we’ll no longer be dependent on the weather and progress then should hopefully be swift.

A big thank you once again goes to Debbie who was kind enough to take all the photos you see below.

Interior view of the extension from the bathroom window. 8th September 2010

Interior view of the extension from the bedroom window. 8th September 2010

Rear view of the extension and newly fitted lintel. 8th September 2010

End view of extension and newly fitted lintels. 8th September 2010

House and extension. 8th September 2010

I had a bit of a fright today when Angelina, a housing officer with the council, called round to do an inspection on the building works. As I’ve mentioned before the whole project is being done under a Disabled Facilities Grant with a means tested contribution from me. So every time the builders hit a milestone a representative from the council comes to do an inspection and verify that the work has actually been done before arranging a stage payment to the builders. Today they informed Angelina that the width of the extension would be several inches narrower than the drawings. Why? Because whoever produced the drawing did not take into account local highway laws regarding proximity of buildings in relation to public footpaths and roads. Consequently to comply with these laws the builders had to build the wall further away from the pavement. Now a few inches might not seem much but in the confines of an already narrow extension it is going to give us some problems with regards to access around the bed. To maximise working space it had been my intention to position the bed crossways to the extension. But the space we are now left with at the end of the bed is going to be quite narrow. A solution being proposed is that we take out the outer bricks on the side of the house so that we are left with a kind of alcove that the bed could be pushed into to regain the few extra inches needed. But there was doubt over whether this extra work would be covered under the terms of the grant. Angelina would need to discuss it with the grant officer. Fortunately this particular story has had a good ending as I received an e-mail late in the afternoon to confirm that the cost of the additional work had been granted approval.

This has been the third discrepancy with the drawings. The first was discovering that the original position of the extension meant that the corner of the bathroom would encroach onto the footpath. This required shifting the whole extension forward by about 6 inches. But as the front of the extension cannot be flush with the original structure we are going to lose a few inches on the interior dimensions. The second discrepancy was discovering that the architect had made an incorrect assumption regarding the drainage which is why I am now having half my back lawn dug up! I’m keeping my fingers firmly crossed that there will be no more of these surprises fingerscrossed.


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4 Responses to Wednesday, September 8th 2010

  1. Barbara says:

    Hi, Mark!. I am devoted to you and your blog for reasons too numerous to name in this forum. I have been reading your blog for a long time. Lately, however, I have missed hearing about the “real you” as you focus on the much-awaited housing addition. How are you feeling? What is your day like? Are you reading anything inspirational? How is your appetite? How is your meerkat friend? I may be the only reader who feels this way, but your ability to share experiences and thoughts on life (and you are a gifted and thoughtful author) are what I find of the greatest value, especially for those of us who operate with significant limitations. Apologies if I seem out of line here…

    • mndals says:

      Hello Barbara,

      Thank you for the kind words and for all your concern. Your observations are correct, the home extension project is very important to me and so naturally I want to devote some time to it, both for my own benefit and for my family. Don’t worry I will return to some of the more regular stuff before too long. But for now I thought it would be nice to give it a break and focus on something other than the disease itself.

      I’m reading a science book at the moment which although couldn’t be described as inspirational is most certainly thought-provoking. The kind I like.

      As for my meerkat friend, well let’s just say that ‘they’ will be taking centre stage in an upcoming post so stay tuned!

  2. Christian Glover says:

    Brilliant photographs there showing how it is all looking, so a credit goes to the photographer and of course to you for documenting it all. Let’s hope there are no more surprises as you said Mark. X

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