Tuesday, September 28th 2010

Emergency measures

I’ve been inundated with worry lately and generally feeling very low. As mentioned previously my care package as it is now will no longer be supported after this week. Obviously because of the extent of my disabilities I cannot be left on my own, and as my care manager has not had sufficient time to make alternative arrangements we are having to resort to emergency measures.

Yesterday afternoon my care manager and a member of St Michaels Hospice called round to discuss re-admitting me to the hospice on a short-term basis whilst they try to figure out what to do with me. The hospice is normally only really geared for short-term stays of around 2 to 3 weeks unless health needs deteriorate. So this appears to be roughly the time scale we are looking at to get things sorted out. For now though the immediate plan is to admit me tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

As much as I like the hospice (and it is indeed a wonderful place) I would much rather stay in my own home at this time as I have only just recently left the hospice. Unfortunately they do not have the resources in their Hospice at Home team to offer me the level of support I would need to be able to stay in my own home. But of course the hospice is an excellent second choice, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I will be well looked after so at least it is a worry off my mind, although what happens afterwards is anyone’s guess at the moment.

Did you notice in the first paragraph I mentioned my care package ‘as it is now’? The reason for that is because my care agency has agreed to continue to support me in the mornings whilst I am at the hospice. The reasons are twofold: the first is to lighten the load on the hospice staff, and the second is to aid in my transition to a new package. So the good news here is that my regular morning carers will continue to take care of me at least for a few more weeks. Unfortunately for everyone else it will soon be time to say goodbye.

This time I shall be going to the hospice more prepared than I was last time and fortunately I shall be taking my new wheelchair so at least I’ll have something comfortable to sit in all day. Unfortunately however I may not get it straight away as NHS ambulance staff are not allowed to move wheelchairs down flights of stairs, apparently. I may have to wait until the following day. Oh yes, I’m also taking my laptop computer again so hopefully I’ll be able to post frequent updates as the situation changes.

So for now I’ll sign off but just before I do I’ll leave you with a few photos that were taken over the weekend. The first few are with Suja, the delightful young Nepalese girl who created a big impression with me recently with her pleasant personality and hard-working proactive approach to care. As for the last picture it is somehow fitting that it should be of ever-loyal ever-reliable Ann. Tell you something, if I’d had a few more people like her in my care package we would never have had a problem. Sigh…

With the lovely Suja. 25th September 2010

With Suja. 26th September 2010

With Suja and one of the guards who has muscled in on the action! :-). 26th September 2010

With ever-loyal ever-reliable Ann. 26th September 2010


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