Wednesday, September 29th 2010

Return to St Michaels Hospice

Well I’m back again barely 2 months after I was discharged! Those awfully nice people from Southern Country Ambulance Service turned up shortly before 11 AM this morning to take me to the hospice. And because it wasn’t a NHS ambulance, and thus not constrained by the same regulations, Tim and Tom were quite happy to let me take my wheelchair. In fact I was able to travel to the hospice sitting in my wheelchair rather than lying flat on my back on a stretcher as I’m normally forced to do (a far more comfortable experience I can assure you). This gave me an opportunity to stare out of the large panoramic windows and view the neighbouring outside world, something that had become a gradually receding memory. In fact it was an opportunity to update my memory picture of a once familiar route as I noted buildings that were once under construction now stood completed, out-of-town retail units under new ownership, and of course the seasonal changes in the trees and shrubs along the way.

St Michaels is in the throes of an upgrade and modernisation programme at the moment courtesy of a £280k Department of Health grant and so as you might expect there is a lot of activity currently going on and beds are at something of a premium. I was therefore overjoyed when I was told that a bed had been reserved for me (as opposed to having to stay at the hospital on an emergency basis). I was even more surprised when I discovered that it was exactly the same room as I had last time, only this time it had already been upgraded and had a light and airy feel about it. The old bay window had been ripped out and French doors and a balcony had been put in their place, the floor was now laminated wood, there was a ceiling track hoist (unfortunately not yet working), air conditioning, and even a brand-new never slept in bed.

As before the folks at the hospice have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and comfortable. Bernie, their very friendly and helpful IT manager dropped by this afternoon to say hi and to set up my computer and all the hardware needed to communicate with it. I’m really grateful that they allow me to have a computer because without it I simply don’t know what I would do all day. For people in situations like mine a computer is a lifeline.

Well it’s the end of the day now and for the first time in a couple of weeks I’m feeling relatively stress free. I guess now I’m here the next question of course is how do we proceed and sort out the mess my care agency have left me in? I have a feeling that tomorrow might provide me with some of the answers…

Before signing off I’d like to say thank you to Ann and Debbie for taking care of me this morning and bringing all my toys, clothes and other paraphernalia to the hospice! My meerkat friend is already the centre of attention with the night staff!


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One Response to Wednesday, September 29th 2010

  1. Christian Glover says:

    Hope everything gets sorted out for you Mark, at least you are safe there.

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