Saturday, October 2nd 2010

The weekend begins

For the first time since arriving here at St Michaels Hospice I am ‘meetings free’ and therefore able to spend the time how I wish without having to rush around and get ready before people arrive. With the weekend here we are now on reduced staffing levels and the car park outside is mostly empty. I’ve been chatting and catching up with nurses and care workers that I met a few months ago and it has been really nice these past few days seeing so many friendly faces again. It’s not actually taken me that long to settle back into hospice life. I guess it’s a case of ‘wherever I park my wheelchair – that’s my home!’

Because of all the modernisation work that is currently going on at the hospice I’ve not been able to make use of the lovely conservatory that I used to have all my midday and evening meals in whilst watching the squirrels and birds. It’s currently closed off to patients because they are using it to store lots of furniture whilst they work on upgrading some of the bedrooms in the in-patient unit. Consequently there aren’t many places inside the hospice to go at the moment. Fortunately however Debbie called in during the afternoon (as a guest now that my care agency is wrapping things up with me) and we were able to go outside and have coffee overlooking the hospice garden and fountain. It suddenly dawned on me as I soaked up the atmosphere how many of the noises I was hearing from the surrounding environment which although familiar hadn’t been heard for many months. I really do need to get out more!

I’ll sign off now with a few new photos that Debbie kindly took on my camera this afternoon which give you an idea of where I’m spending most of my time. You’ll notice too that a certain someone decided to stow away in my luggage!

Sitting by my makeshift desk in my room at St Michaels Hospice. 2nd October 2010

Sitting in my room at St Michaels Hospice. 2nd October 2010

One of the guards on special detachment duty assigned to 'protect' me here at St Michaels Hospice! My feisty little friend is turning out to be a real ladies meerkat and a big hit with the night staff. He gets more attention than I do šŸ™‚


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One Response to Saturday, October 2nd 2010

  1. Linda says:

    Hi Mark, Just read your blog. Got back from Canada on Friday. My grandson is growing fast and is over all his ‘ Prem. Baby’ problems. He finally went home after 3 weeks in hospital, on 20th Sept.

    Sorry to hear your care package has come to an end, but you’re in good hands at the hospice. I hope a solution is found soon.

    I should be in Basingstoke in the next couple of weeks so I’ll try to get in to see you.


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