Tuesday, October 26th 2010

Building works update

It’s been a dreary, miserable and wet day today, something of a complete contrast to yesterday when Vanessa was able to take me over to the hospital where we split our time between having a coffee in their restaurant, exploring some of the grounds, and sitting in one of their secluded gardens with its own pond, whilst listening to the sound of running water from a fountain. Hopefully when Ann comes in tomorrow the weather will have picked up again and I can get some more fresh air. I’m really trying to make the most of the opportunities to get outside whilst I’m here at the hospice as I know that once I go home I will still have a month or more of being trapped upstairs.

Sue from In Touch dropped in this afternoon to give me an update on how things are progressing with the house extension and also to ask me a few questions that the builders had raised. Although I don’t have any new photos at this time to share with you it would seem that progress continues to be made. The windows for example have now been fitted, which means that the extension is finally watertight. At least now the builders are no longer dependent on prevailing weather conditions. Upstairs in my guest bedroom copper piping has now been laid beneath the floor and into the roof space of the extension in readiness for the central heating. The patio windows in the dining room have now been replaced with French doors which will be my route out into the back garden via a level access patio which is awaiting construction.

So it looks like we are starting to approach the time when work can commence on the interior of the extension. I’ve been giving some thought to both my current and future needs and have requested additional electrical work to allow for a flat screen TV to be mounted at the end of the bed, something which I don’t currently have but will make a world of difference. We’ve also been looking at more mundane things today such as a roller blind for the bathroom, vertical blinds and curtains for the bedroom, and a suitable flooring.

Slowly everything is starting to take shape and I can look forward knowing that once it is completed my options (and indeed quality of life) will increase again. If only we were going into warmer weather rather than leaving it behind.


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One Response to Tuesday, October 26th 2010

  1. Kim Saunders says:

    Hi Mark

    I’m still reading about all your trials and tribulations. You are such a great writer – you were wasted at Lilly. I’m glad to hear that your extension now seems to be well underway; I bet you can’t wait until it is completed.

    I have been busy lately decorating our two spare bedrooms. The main reason for this is that our Italian friends may visit us late November. This will be a party of four or five Italian women. I think Tony is planning on moving out during their stay. No seriously, they are very good friends of ours who we have got to know whilst visiting Carla who was our host when we went to Italy with the Alton Twinning Association. We had invited the women and their husbands but as they all work, it is difficult for everyone to be able to take the same holiday, so the women alone have decided to visit us. I am still listening to my Italian tapes, in fact whilst painting I listen and it’s a really good way to learn. I have a touch of tennis elbow at the moment and it is now annoying me, made more so by the painting no doubt.

    Arrun, our youngest, has started working for Aston Martin who have their premises in Gaydon, near Leamington Spa. He is really enjoying it and has already been to Sweden to a crash test centre out there.

    Tony’s work with Colas Rail has been disrupted this last week as all of their work comes from Europe and the crazy Frenchmen have caused havoc to alot of things. They certainly don’t mess about to protect their cause do they?

    I am still working for Bachy Soletanche in Alton although I am thinking about moving on, time will tell.

    Well the clocks go back this Sunday don’t they – oh I hate those dark evenings. How long until you return to your home, are you staying at the hospice so that you are out of the way of the builders?

    Keep your pecker up Mark.


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