Friday, October 29th 2010

A little luxury

I had a real treat this morning. For the first time since arriving I was able to take advantage of the hospice’s new wet room. In fact I believe I’m right in saying that I am the first person to use it. This was something that I had hoped would be available to me when I arrived, but unfortunately the room (which previously held the extra long Jacuzzi bath which I so enjoyed on my last visit) was still being renovated. So sadly I’ve had to continue to make do with bed baths in the same way that I do at home, until today…

It’s such a simple thing and yet for months now it has been out of my reach: this wonderful feeling of being drenched in hot water pouring out of a shower head under pressure, of feeling the dozens of separate water streams impacting the skin, revitalising it. Bliss! After a couple of months of lying on the bed and being wiped with wet flannels this was luxury! Not as nice as lying in a hot foam bath with a Jacuzzi running full tilt, but still very nice especially compared to what I’ve been having lately. I think I could have quite easily sat under that shower head until lunchtime!


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