Happy Halloween

Hope you all have a spooky evening!

Enjoy yourselves! I’m on my own tonight. My meerkat friend is going out trick or treating in the hope that some kind person will give him a nice chocolate coated crispy locust! smile_regular


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3 Responses to Happy Halloween

  1. Trish Cook says:

    Hi Mark,

    I have just discovered your blog and want to let you know how interesting and useful I have found it. I only wish I could access it from the beginning. As it is I can only read from 6th October but this may be more about my lack of IT skills than anything else. What a pity, as I am trying to find out when the meerkat first appeared in your life!

    I have just returned from London having taken part in a training course to become a Voluntary Association Visitor. I have had no previous experience of MND whatsoever and knew little of it, other than the two famous names attached to it – Professor Stephen Hawkins and David Niven. However, I retired last December and, whilst enjoying the free leisure time retirement brings, I felt I wanted (and needed) to do something worthwhile. I scanned the internet for volunteering roles and came across the MND Association……. I immediately replied.

    I now have a 6 week period of “experiential training”, reading and meeting with experienced Association Visitors. As I mentioned before, I came across your blog today (via the MND

  2. Trish Cook says:

    Oh dear my PC froze!! Told you I lacked IT skills. Now my previous comment is awaiting moderation so I will continue my previous message here…… I came across your blog today (via the MND Association website) and just want to say how very useful I have found it. I have jotted down the names of various charities / services that you found helpful but, more importantly, it has given me some insight into the thoughts, frustrations and difficulties someone with MND has to experience. I know each case is different but I just wanted to say Thank You for your blog. I will continue to read it as I feel it will further enhance my knowledge and insight. (Consider yourself my mentor!!) and I’d love to hear more about the meerkat!!

    It’s been lovely to meet you today.


    • mndals says:

      Hi Trish,

      Well done on choosing to become an association visitor for the MNDA. I hope that you find it a deeply rewarding experience. I know speaking from personal experience how much I have enjoyed being in contact with an AV on a regular basis.

      Thank you for all your kind words regarding my blog. I am glad to hear that you are finding it useful. If you wish to read the earliest entries the easiest way is to use the archives section on the bottom right of the screen. Just click on any month that takes your fancy. The number to the right tells you how many times I posted in that month. Or you can click on any of the categories or tags, also on the right of the screen, if you want to see what I have written about a particular subject. Enjoy!


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