Sunday, November 14th 2010


After more than a month’s absence from the blog I finally have some new photos to share with you of the progress being made on the downstairs extension to my house. Actually, as you will see for yourselves, these pictures were taken last week but I have only just got around to running them through a photo editor to perform the usual tweaks i.e. sharpness, brightness, cropping/sizing and adding a border. I do actually have some more pictures that were taken this week showing progress beyond this stage but I have yet to post process them so they will have to be the subject of another blog post.

But for now here is a glimpse of the work underway on the inside of the extension now that the builders have broken through. Most of what you see here has actually occurred after I arrived home, which sort of suggests that things were progressing rather slowly during the month I was away. In fact even most of the knock through took place only recently. Nevertheless it is good to see it gradually changing into something suitable for living in. I’m still being told that completion is scheduled for the end of November, but that is only two weeks away, and looking at where we are now there is still much to do.

My thanks as always go to Debbie for taking the photos, because without them even I would only have other people’s descriptions and the noise coming from downstairs to tell me what was going on.

View from living room into extension with knock through in progress. 4th November 2010

New bedroom under construction. 4th November 2010

Entrance into new bathroom. 4th November 2010

Completed exterior front elevation. 4th November 2010

Loft insulation and bedroom ceiling in progress. 6th November 2010

Front elevation of completed exterior. 6th November 2010

Rear elevation of completed exterior. 6th November 2010


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One Response to Sunday, November 14th 2010

  1. barbara says:

    where are you, mark?
    we miss you, we worry about you.

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