Friday, December 24th 2010


We’re just hours away from the man in red breaking into our houses and leaving a trail of muddy footprints, spilt milk, and half eaten cookies, and already I’ve received an early Christmas present. The builders who have been working feverishly all week have at last completed my house extension. A team of four guys have been working flat out this morning to add the finishing touches and at lunchtime today we said our farewells. So does that mean I shall be spending Christmas day downstairs? Alas, no. Until a few days ago we were still under the impression that certain key equipment wasn’t going to arrive until after Christmas. Consequently we’ve yet to make arrangements with the ambulance service and the joint equipment service so that I and my profiling bed can be moved downstairs. Whether that happens next week or at the start of the New Year remains to be seen. But to be honest I’m okay about it. I’ve been trapped upstairs all year so a few more days won’t hurt.

As the week progressed the changes to the extension were becoming visible on a daily basis. On Monday morning we had the X-Y axis ceiling track hoist fitted, whilst later in the day the carpet fitters turned up to fit a special close weave carpet suitable for high traffic and wheelchair use. It immediately transformed the room once the concrete base floor had been covered up. Vertical blinds for the bedroom and a special moisture proof roller blind in the bathroom came next. The back end of the week saw the special Clos-o-Mat toilet installed, shower panels and bathroom cabinet fitted and a curtain pole put up in the bedroom above the blinds (I shall be adding curtains for a more homely look). So now it is just waiting for me…

One thing that did cause a little bit of concern halfway through this week was waking up shortly before 6 AM with a terrible cough that persisted almost non-stop for the next couple of hours. By the time Ann had arrived it had stopped but I had been left feeling very weak. All the time I had been coughing I could feel these secretions on my chest and with my weakened respiratory system I just didn’t have the energy in my body to dislodge them. It felt very similar (although not as severe) to my coughing episode back in July at the hospice. And sure enough after the doctor had been called out to examine me, I was diagnosed with a mild chest infection and prescribed some antibiotics (Amoxicillin) to take in liquid form for the next week. Within a short space of time it seemed to be having a beneficial effect although I felt so weak on Wednesday that I spent the entire day in bed. Lying in bed all those hours was a terribly frustrating time for me as I was completely helpless and unable to do anything, other than listen to music on the bedside radio, to occupy my mind. It gave me a new appreciation of what it must feel like to be completely bedridden all the time as some people unfortunately are. It made me realise once again that there is always someone worse off. At least I was able to get back to my computer the following day. Once I’m downstairs I’ll be having a TV fitted in the bedroom so at least then I’ll have something to occupy my mind if I am ever unwell enough to get up. Another good thing about getting downstairs will be the ease of exiting the house in a medical emergency. If my chest infection had turned really nasty it would have been difficult getting me downstairs.

Okay that’s about it. Time to at least try and enjoy the Christmas festivities. My furry little friend seems far more excited than I am. He’s been jumping up and down all morning wondering what Father Meerkat will bring him this year. At the moment he’s got his eyes glued to the Internet trying to track him on Google Earth! Oh well I guess we were all that age once! As for me, I need to sit back and relax now and let the two hot mince pies and double cream that Ann made for me go down.

Enjoy your Christmas holiday. See you all after the break.


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One Response to Friday, December 24th 2010

  1. Christian Glover says:

    Father Meercat…lol and searching for him on Google Earth…lol..your sense of humour is amazing Mark!

    Anyway so glad the extension is almost there now and it is gonna be great when you move downstairs again.

    Chris x

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