Monday, January 17th 2011


I had a couple of service engineers turn up at my door this morning to take a look at the hoist. Yes, the wonderful new ceiling track hoist broke down again yesterday morning at a most inopportune time leaving me stranded in bed for most of the day. We tried getting hold of a service engineer but as you can imagine these are hard to come by on a Sunday and the only one available was still working down on the south coast. I had to lie in bed and wait patiently until the middle of the afternoon before he turned up. But even after running various diagnostics and replacing a circuit board he still couldn’t get the system to charge, so all he could do as a temporary measure was to put another set of fresh batteries in the unit which it was hoped would be good enough to see us through until the Monday morning. Fortunately it did but by the time I got up yesterday there was hardly any time left to do anything before once again going back to bed. I get so frustrated at times at how dependent I have become and how something like this can cause me to lose so much precious time. All I could do yesterday was lie in bed and listen to music on a bedside radio. Better than nothing of course but my mind, unlike my body, still likes to do things, and a day in bed for me anyway is seen as a waste. Anyway fingers crossed that we won’t have any more problems because the service engineers have completely replaced the hoist unit with a brand-new straight out of the box one. It certainly sounds different to the last one and has a more reassuring pulsing light when charging the batteries.

I didn’t get an awful lot done this afternoon either because the builders turned up with a snagging list of little jobs to do around the extension which presumably had been picked up on the inspection I’d had recently. So with all the noise going on just behind me I contented myself by reading one of my downloaded e-novels and immersing myself in the gripping story. At times like this it is pointless even trying to dictate into my microphone because the background noise would simply confuse it. Anyway by the end of the afternoon the builders had left after completing all their tasks so hopefully everything should be fine now.


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One Response to Monday, January 17th 2011

  1. Alli says:

    Hi Mark,

    So glad to hear that your now fully functioning downstairs, wow, what a long haul it has been. I can’t imagine the feelings you must of had being able to finally leave the house without a full entourage having to support you.

    I hope you are well in yourself and looking after that little devil “Alexander”.

    It would be lovely to hear from you.

    With love.

    Alli x

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