Sunday, May 8th 2011


It’s been quite a busy week for appointments with doctors and district nurses among others dropping in. But they have not all been medically related, some of them have brought improvements to my quality of life. Early in the week for example Paul from Possum called to install an intercom/door release system in my bedroom which means I can now answer the front door even when lying in bed. I’ve also been given an extension microphone for my hands-free phone. It’s a bit like those ones you see people wearing on their shirt when being interviewed. So now when I’m in bed it can be clipped to the edge of the duvet near my mouth so that it is easier for me with my weakened voice to make and receive phone calls. And in readiness for the anticipated hot summer weather I got Paul to program the functions of my new floor mounted oscillating fan into the Possum Primo. I now have the ability to alter the speed and direction of a large fan directly from my bed or wheelchair. It’s quite impressive actually and very useful for those of us with disability. I never realised you could get remote-controlled fans until I found one listed in the Argos catalogue. I’m also hoping it will bring benefits with my breathing.

Wheelchair Services called later in the week and have fitted some gel sheeting inside the seat cushion and back rest of my wheelchair. Hopefully it will allow me to spend more time in the wheelchair without the fear of developing pressure sores. Early signs are good so fingers crossed that I won’t need to spend such long periods of time resting on the bed once again.

I’ll sign off with a little bit of blog trivia. You are reading the 200th posting I have made to my blog since I started it in 2008! Back then I never imagined I would get this far and so soon! Thank you to everyone for your kind comments and words of support.


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3 Responses to Sunday, May 8th 2011

  1. Jason Glover says:

    200 blogs. Fantastic achievement. Well done! That’s something to be proud of.

  2. Bethan says:

    Thank you Mark,

    I am a speech therapy student and I think your blog is amazing- it certainly raises awareness of the huge impact MND has on people’s lives

    Keep it up!

  3. Kathryn says:

    I cannot tell you how inspiring I find these posts. I only just found the link to this page this very evening but I am so glad that I did! I find your upbeat way of writing so amazing to read, and I just love the way in which you are fighting this illness. My grandma sadly died in 2004 from MND and I’m glad to see from your posts that there have been developments with medicine and certain things such as being able to open the door from your bed and gel sheeting for your wheelchair have also been developed. I hope to run a 5km run (it’s not very far but anything to raise money for MND research!) in October for the MNDA to raise awarness and also, of course, to raise some money! It really is surprising how ignorant people can be about MND, and I hope people’s attitudes change in the future. I look forward to reading more of your posts! Just know that your blog strikes a chord with people, you really did connect to me after just a few lines, and it’s just fantastic to read this. Thank you, Mark.

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