MND awareness week 18-26th June

For the want of an arm

I’ve been thinking recently about how big an impact on your life the loss of a single limb can have. So much would change if I only had the use of my right arm. Here are 20 things that I could do for myself once again:

Scratch myself

Brush my own hair

Give myself a shave

Brush my own teeth

Wash my own face

Put my glasses on

Turn the pages of a book

Feed myself

Have a drink (without using a straw)

Pick up and reposition things

Shake hands with people

Point at things

Wave at people

Write my name

Operate a TV remote

Operate a computer keyboard

Pick up and operate the phone

Smooth out creases in fabrics

Operate an electric wheelchair

Work a camera

And that’s just one limb!

Given enough time MND will rob you of the use of all four limbs. And your neck. And your speech. And your swallow. And ultimately your breathing.

It’s MND awareness week here in Britain. Up and down the country people from the MND Association will be collecting for much-needed research and to help those struggling to live with it. On behalf of all those like myself please can I ask that you give generously for this very worthwhile cause. Thank you very much.


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