MND Research News in 2008

Links to stories published on the Internet in 2008

Year that could be turning point on disease

19th December 2008. Times Online

Novel Human Stem Cell-based Model Of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Opens Doors For Rapid Drug Screening

4th December 2008. Science Daily

Motor neurons derived from human embryonic stem cells provide insight into ALS

3rd December 2008. EurekAlert!

A novel human stem cell-based model of ALS opens doors for rapid drug screening

3rd December 2008. Science Centric

Scientists gain insight into the cause and possible treatment of motor neurone disease

17th November 2008. e! Science News

Stem Cells From Lou Gehrig’s Patients Hold Secrets to the Disease

14th November 2008. Scienceline

Professor Agar researches the causes of ALS

14th November 2008. The Justice Online

Gene find sheds light on motor neuron diseases like ALS

22nd October 2008. EurekAlert!

Outnumbering Unhealthy Cells with Healthy Ones Helps Sustain Breathing in ALS Mice

20th October 2008. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Swamping bad cells with good in ALS animal models helps sustain breathing

19th October 2008. EurekAlert!

Engineered stem cells carry promising ALS therapy

16th September 2008. University of Wisconcin-Madison

Scientists report a breakthrough in stem cell production

1st August 2008.

Nerve cells grown from new-style stem cells

31st July 2008. Reuters

Researchers Discover Key Gene for Making Motor Neurons

25th July 2008. Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Umbilical cord blood cell transplants may help ALS patients

24th June 2008. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

ALS May Involve Broader Spectrum of Neurodegeneration

20th June 2008. Medpage Today

Amplifying The Fight Against ALS

19th June 2008. Medical News Today

Lou Gehrig’s Disease Protein Found Throughout Brain, Suggesting Effects Beyond Motor Neurons

16th June 2008. AScribe

Finding Clues For Nerve Cell Repair

4th June 2008. Science Daily

Motor neurone find a ‘smoking gun’

26th April 2008. The Australian News

City to lead world in research of disease

26th April 2008. The Star

Motor Neuron Disease And Toxic Substances: Possible Link?

21st March 2008. Science Daily

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