MND Research News in 2009

Links to stories published on the Internet in 2009

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis may involve a form of sudden, rapid aging of the immune system

8th October 2009. EurekAlert

HRB-funded scientists uncover a genetic link for a form of motor neuron disease

28th September 2009. Irish Medical News

Motor neurone ‘hero’ gene offers new hope to sufferers of devastating disease

12th May 2009. Mail Online

‘Protective’ gene increases survival in motor neuron disease

11th May 2009. MND Association

Zebrafish funding secured by MND researchers

30th April 2009. MND Association

How a tiny tropical fish could hold the cure to motor neurone disease

30th April 2009. Mail Online

Zebrafish in motor neurone clue

29th April 2009. BBC

Zebrafish offer hope for treatment for motor neurone disease

29th April 2009. Telegraph

Researchers regenerate axons necessary for voluntary movement

6th April 2009. EurekAlert!

RNA: Master Regulator Of Motor Neuron Firing Discovered

17th March 2009. Science Daily

Breakthrough in the creation of iPS cells

2nd March 2009. MND Association

Motor neurone disease culprit identified

27th February 2009. ABC Science

Second new gene discovered in less than a year

26th February 2009. MND Association

New gene mutation discovery raises hope in eradicating MND

26th February 2009. MND Association

A second MND gene mutation in one year signifies rapid research progress

26th February 2009. EurekAlert!

Researchers shake up scientific theory on motor protein

5th February 2009. EurekAlert!

Hope for Restoring Injured Nerves: Biologists ID Gene, Pathway for Nerve Regeneration in Worms

22nd January 2009.

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